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Running In And Around Menopause

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IAMRunner is a running group based in Hale, Altrincham, with a focus on getting women in and around menopause into running through friendly weekly running groups, small group sessions and one-on-one support.

The idea is to give women a helping hand in starting out on, or progressing, their running journey and improving their self-image while at the same time helping them better cope with some of the symptoms of the perimenopause and menopause.

Our focus? Friendliness, inclusivity, and fun.

Beginners’ Group

Tried Couch to 5K before but always bailed in week 7 after that huge jump to 25 minutes on your feet? Not anymore!

The 5km Club

If you’re happy running 5km and looking to perhaps pick up the pace but not go any further, why not join one of our 5km clubs?

Improvers’ 5-10km

Got your first – or several! – 5km under your belt, but want to increase your confidence and go further? Then this is the one for you!

The 10K Club

If you’re happy running 10km and looking to perhaps pick up the pace, why not join our 10km club?
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Run Group Sessions

You’ll learn all about how to begin your running journey or take it to the next level, meet new friends in a similar place to you – both hormonally and fitness-wise – and learn how to run in an achievable and sustainable way, with an experienced run leader who has your back.

Not sure if this is right for you? Ask yourself the following….

Do you find yourself wanting to get fitter but reaching for the crisps or wine, instead?

Do you decide, “right, this is the week” but then give up if you’ve no one to be accountable to?

Do you want to try running but feel nervous or embarrassed to go out alone? Do you need some motivation – and a regular commitment?

Are you wary of joining a running group that’s competitive, with a focus on speed?

Are you peri- or menopausal and finding your self-confidence has taken a knock?

Are you wanting to boost your confidence and meet new friends?

Do you want to achieve a goal and feel proud of yourself?

Do you want to do something that’s just for YOU?

Yes? Then you’re in the right place!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The right way to warm up – and cool down
  • The ideal combination of achievable and progressive sessions
  • How to embrace the walk-run technique
  • How to increase your pace and stamina
  • How to improve your self-confidence and the way that you view your body
  • How to achieve more than you thought possible – and feel proud of yourself
  • How to enjoy running – and keep it up!

“I’ve been running for over 30 years. I started running in my early teens and have run ever since. I’ve run through three pregnancies and have completed two marathons – London and New York – several half marathons and numerous 5km and 10km runs.

“When I began realising that I was perimenopausal about six months ago, I was determined that I was going to find a better way to cope with the symptoms than I had managed with my endometriosis.I found myself doing more and more running as it gave me some much needed me-time and a release from my symptoms.”

How can a running group help you?

Running offers so many benefits as we enter this time of our lives. Not only is it a great way to improve cardiovascular health, build muscle, stronger bones, and help prevent menopausal weight gain, but it also has big benefits for our state of mind, too. Running farther or faster than before – whether that’s an extra five minutes or five miles – can give you a sense of pride and accomplishment; it helps reduce stress and gives you time to think over problems…or just forget them for a while; and of course, it releases endorphins – the body’s natural pain fighting chemicals – that can reduce depression and anxiety – and lift your mood.

However, for many women, starting to run can be hugely intimidating. Particularly if you’re running outdoors on your own. You may think that everyone’s looking at you, maybe you feel that you’re too fat, too slow, or too old. I worried about all those things). It’s kind of a big deal to be out there jiggling up and down In Lycra!

But if you let those worries stop you, you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face. Fear of being seen keeps a lot of people from starting (or continuing) a running habit and enjoying the benefits it can bring. So, don’t let yourself be one of them. Running groups are also a way of enhancing social connections at what can be a time of physical and emotional change. So, sign up, get out there, have fun, and be proud that you’re doing something for YOU.

Ready to begin?

Sign up now and you can benefit from:

  • Weekly run – with the flexibility to swap to another night
  • Guidance for two other sessions each week, for you to do in your own time
  • Access to a dedicated WhatsApp group for support and motivation
  • The opportunity to buddy up with fellow runners between sessions

What have other women achieved?

“I’ve done a bit of jogging before but never sustained it. As soon as I’m tired/the weather is bad/there’s something good on TV/the kids need me, I’ve stopped! Since joining IAMRunner I’ve had a reason to leave the house and complete my run. I’ve even started looking forward to chatting and running with the other ladies in the group. For the first time in my life, I feel I can call myself a runner and I’m feeling the physical and mental benefits it brings.” Charlotte, 44